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How to Use Doona Infant Car Seat

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How to Install Doona base with seat belt

How to install Doona Using Lower Anchors

How to Adjust Doona Carseat Harness Straps

Doona - How to Use - Unfolding Doona

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Doona - How to Use - Folding Doona

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Doona™ The Next Generation Car Seat - What makes it SO good?

Doona™ The Next Generation Car Seat

How simple is it to go down the stairs with your stroller?

How simple is it to climb the stairs with your stroller?

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Warranty Information

We guarantee that the Doona Car Seat has been manufactured in accordance with US safety standards and regulations, and meets the highest standards of quality.

For the Doona Car Seat we provide a 2-year warranty against manufacturing or material defects. The warranty period is effective from the day of purchase.

As proof of purchase, we ask that you register your Doona Car Seat and keep your store receipt.

In the case of a warranty claim or any other issue please visit and create a ticket.

The Warranty covers Doona Car Seats that have been handled properly.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • Natural signs of wear and tear including scratches to your Doona or Base, stains and mold.
  • Damage resulting from excessive stress.
  • Damage resulting from inappropriate or improper use.
  • Damages resulting from aircraft travel.
  • When the product has been used for a purpose other than that provided for in the instructions for use.

Warranty is only applicable to original purchaser of Doona Car Seat from an authorized retailer or at Please visit Where To Buy to find an authorized retailer. 


How do I contact Doona Customer Support?

Please contact Doona Customer Support by submitting a ticket at

How long can I use the Doona Car Seat for?

Doona Car Seat is suitable to use for babies from 4 lbs. up to 35 lbs. and 32 inches. If one of these limits is reached, please discontinue use of the Doona Car Seat.

What is in the Doona Box?

Complete travel system in one convenient unit. Full-featured car seat with integrated stroller for quick and easy mobility. Infant insert to cradle and support newborns. Padded/adjustable head support. LATCH Base and Vehicle Seat Protector. 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Is the Doona Car Seat certified for use in the US and Canada?

Doona is only certified for use in the US. It is not certified for use in Canada.

Can the Doona Car Seat be shipped to Canada or internationally?

The Doona Car Seat being sold in the US is only certified for the US market, so authorized dealers in the US are not allowed to ship it to Canada or other international markets. Since there are different regional car seat safety regulations, there may be different versions of Doona being sold in your area. We strongly recommend that you buy the version that is certified for where your primary residence is.

Where can I buy the Doona Car Seat?

Please visit our store locator for authorized dealer information.

Can I use my Doona on an airplane?

Doona Car Seat is aircraft certified. You will only need the car seat to secure your Doona to the seat. The base is not needed. Please read the instruction manual carefully and follow all the instructions. Since different airlines have different seat widths please check with your preferred carrier and make sure that Doona will fit the seat onboard before purchasing a ticket for your baby. We also recommend that you remove the canopy clips when traveling on an airline carrier to avoid breakage.

How long should I use the Infant Insert and Head Support for?

Infant Insert is for use approximately between 4 and 11 lbs. It is meant to help position the newborn properly in the carseat. Please read the instruction manual for further instructions. Side Impact Protection Head Support stays in the Car Seat even after the Infant Insert is removed. Please use the straps behind the Head Support to secure it around the harness.

The Infant Insert and the Head Rest are made of Bamboo material which is naturally anti-bacterial.

How do I replace my Doona Car Seat after an accident?

NHTSA recommends that car seats be replaced following a moderate or severe crash in order to ensure a continued high level of crash protection for child passengers. Car seats do not automatically need to be replaced following a minor crash. A minor crash is one in which ALL of the following apply: The vehicle was able to be driven away from the crash site; the vehicle door nearest the car seat was not damaged; none of the passengers in the vehicle sustained any injuries in the crash; if the vehicle has air bags, the air bags did not deploy during the crash; and there is no visible damage to the car seat. If you do need to replace your car seat, your Auto insurance company will reimburse you.

Does Doona Car seat come with a warranty?

Doona Car Seat comes with a 24 monthmanufacturers warranty to the original owner of the car seat provided that it was purchased from an authorized dealer in the US.

Where is the Doona Car Seat manufactured?

The Doona Car Seat is manufactured in China

Can the LATCH Base be installed in the middle seat of my vehicle?

Doona LATCH base can be installed in a vehicle middle seating position with vehicle seat belt only

How do I install Doona on a short seat?

The rule of thumb is that 80% of the car seat base (at the absolute minimum) must be on the seat to be properly secured. If more than 20% of the car seat base is hanging over the edge of the seat, it will not be secure. It is also important that the front seat does not push up against the car seat. We recommend getting a Certified Car Seat Technician in your area to determine whether the Doona can be secured safely in your vehicle.

Does Doona come with Side Impact Protection?

Doona has a 3-layer Side-Impact Protection: Legs, EPS Foam and Memory Foam Head Rest.

  • Front Legs’ unique Honey-Comp construction is designed to absorb energy during side impact.
  • EPS foam is wrapped completely under the Textile Set which absorbs the energy during impact.
  • Side Impact Protection Head Rest that has memory foam on the sides. Memory foam offers comfort by molding to the shape of the head. Memory foam resists at the time of impact to offer added layer of side impact protection.

When Doona is installed in the car, where should the Doona handle be positioned?

Doona handle acts as Anti-Rebound Bar which protects the baby in an accident. It must be pivoted towards back seat of the car. Please read your instruction manual for proper installation.

Does Doona have an aircraft certified child restraint system?

Are the Doona strap covers required?

The strap covers are recommended but are not mandatory. They can be removed. If proper fitting of the harness over baby’ s shoulders as well as the chest clip can be achieved, they should be used. If not, they should be removed.

What is the best way to wash the Doona seat textile?

Machine wash when necessary in cold water, on delicate cycle, with mild detergent. We recommend washing the textile set in a garment bag to avoid pilling. Hang dry. Spot clean your seat textile as needed with a soft cloth, soap and warm water.

Can the Infant Insert and Head Rest be washed?

Yes, they can. Hand wash when necessary in cold water with mild detergent. Hang dry. Spot clean your Infant Insert and Head Rest as needed with a soft cloth, soap and warm water.


Simplicity is embedded in our DNA. In order to simplify the lives of parents and babies, we design smart and simple products. To achieve the most out of our products, please follow these quick tips.

Proper Harness Tightness

  1. Pull the shoulder straps upwards to remove slack from the lap area.
  2. Pull tightening strap located between baby’s legs

Shoulder Straps’ Height Adjusting

From the first time you use the Doona™ Car Seat and as your baby grows, you will need to adjust the shoulder straps according to your baby’s height as follows:

  1. When the shoulder straps are adjusted correctly, they go through the shoulder strap slots at shoulder level or slightly below.
  2. Place the baby in the Doona™ Car Seat and locate the correct shoulder strap slots for your baby’s height. Then take your baby out of the Doona Car Seat.
  3. At the back of the Doona™ Car Seat, disconnect the shoulder straps from the metal plate.
  4. Insert the shoulder straps to the correct slots.
  5. Reconnect the straps to the metal plate.

* Make sure the straps are located between the metal bar and the seat body. No part should go over the metal bar.

Shoulder Pads Position

For your baby’s comfort, be sure to position the shoulder pads over the shoulders area when buckling the Doona harness. The pads are soft and wide, and will distribute the pressure of the harness straps more equally over your baby’s body.

Infant Insert Removal

Remove the Infant Insert once your baby has grown and the harness is too tight. The insert is intended for newborn babies typically up to 5 kg (11 lbs). Keep using the head support for as long as possible, for enhanced side impact protection.

Anti-Rebound Handle Position

One of Doona’s main differentiators, when it comes to safety in the car, is its handle which serves as an extremely effective anti-rebound bar. In the car, always rotate handle against seat back.

Straps Adjustment

Ensure that the shoulder straps are assembled onto the metal plate so that all straps are located between the metal bar and the seat body. No part should go over the metal bar.

Doona™ Head Support

Doona™ achieved excellent results in side-impact collision tests. Due to its unique design, Doona’s wheels and double wall structure absorb a significant portion of the energy transmitted during a side impact collision.

The Doona™ Head Support was designed to further enhance this protection, as well as provide support and comfort for the baby.

In addition, its outer surface is made of Bamboo Charcoal Fiber textile, which is Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic and Humidity & thermal regulating, and has an Anti-slip back surface. Keep the head support as long as possible for the protection of your baby.

Doona™ Infant Insert

Specifically designed for newborn babies, the Doona Infant Insert provides young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the insert supports your baby’s posture, by mimicking a natural position, thus granting parents and babies the freedom to travel together.

Doona™ Infant Insert features:

  • Near-flat ergonomic position.
  • Additional padding adjusted for newborn infants.
  • Bamboo Charcoal Fibre textile, which is Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic and Humidity & thermal regulating.

Doona from Base Removal

In order to remove Doona from its base:

  1. Rotate the handle to its upright position.
  2. Press down the small top button, and while it is pressed down, push the entire release button towards the vehicle seat.
  3. While pressing the Doona release button, slightly tilt the Doona toward your body.
  4. Remove your hand from the button and lift the Doona outside of the car.

Repair Request & Contact Us

In the unlikely event that you may need to repair any part of your Doona™ or have a warranty issue, please contact our customer service department by creating a ticket at Please see "Warranty Information" under Support tab for more details on what is covered.

If you have any questions about the status of your order please send us an email at Please do not send any wholesale, marketing etc. emails to websales for it will only delay a reply. 

For all other requests, please send us an email at 

If you are looking for a product that is not available on our website, please visit our Where to Buy page at